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Find Faculty / Koji Sode

Contact Information:

Koji Sode

Mary Ellen Jones 10202B
UNC Chapel Hill
(919) 966-3550

4309 Engineering Building III
NC State

Research Areas:
  • Biomedical Microdevices
  • Pharmacoengineering
  • PhD Eng., Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Master Eng., Electrochemistry, Graduate School of Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Bachelor Eng., Chemical Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology


Dr. Koji SODE received B.S. in chemical engineering, M.S. in electrochemistry and PhD in engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech.). During his graduate student period, he engaged as a research fellow at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich ( ETH-Z), Biotechnology Institute. He started his academic appointment as Research Associate (Assistant Prof.) at Tokyo Institute of Technology, following at the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo. In 1990, he was promoted as an Associated Professor, at the Department of Biotechnology and Life Science, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. In 2000, he was promoted as full Professor in the Department of Biotechnology and Life Science. During his career at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, he served as Team leader of Life Science Research Group at the Institute of Global Research Innovation, Chair of the Department of Industrial Technology and Innovation, the Chair of Department of Biotechnology and Life Science, Director of Center for the Intellectual Properties and Innovations, and University Research Administration Center. He has been engaged in the variety of research projects with many pronounced international industrial partners, especially in the field of the development of novel biodevices for medical application. He also launched a start-up company, Ultizyme International Ltd., and serving as the science and technology advisor. He is the author of more than 290 peer reviewed papers and holds numerous international patents relating on biosensing technologies.

The strategic research concept of Dr.Sode’ s research lab is to discover, design and create novel molecules based on biomolecular engineering to be applied for the development of innovative biosensing technologies dedicated to the healthcare management, and novel bioprocesses based on synthetic biology approaches. Representative achievements were about the Biomolecular Engineering of enzymes for glucose monitoring for both 2nd generation and 3rd generation electrochemical biosensing systems. Currently, Sode’s lab is focusing the development of 1. Novel in situ, real-time, multi parameters biosensing systems, 2. Innovative POCT sensing systems for biomarker, 3. Novel biosensing systems for mental health care and for diabetes care, and ultimately 4. Autonomous biosensing actuators realizing smart drug delivery systems. These research topics are all based on the original and unique concept to create Biomolecules to be dedicated for the creation of Biomedical devices, being benefitted for the improvement of human health and quality of life.

Research Interests

Biomolecular Engineering for Biomedical Engineering
Creation of the innovative biomedical devices including biosensing systems

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