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Students must be formally admitted to the Biomedical and Health Sciences Engineering program in order to graduate in the major. The steps for application are:

  1. Earn credit for the following courses (transfer, AP and IB credit will be accepted according to university policies):
    • CHEM 101/101L – General Chemistry I and Lab (C or better)
    • MATH 231 – Calculus of Functions of One Variable (C or better)
    • MATH 232 – Calculus of Functions of One Variable II (C or better)
    • PHYS 116/118 – Mechanics (C or better)
    • ENGL 105 English Composition and Rhetoric (C- or better)
  2. During the semester that you are completing the last of the courses above, you can formally apply to the program. For most students, this will be done in the fall or spring of your first year, or at the very latest, in the summer before your sophomore year. This involves filling out an online application and writing an essay related to your interest in Biomedical and Health Sciences Engineering. We will also be collecting your grades from the above courses.
  3. For transfer students seeking admission to UNC-CH for fall 2016, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies about the application process, which can take place for you as soon as spring 2016.

Admission to the department will be decided by a committee of department members, and will be based on your grades earned in classes at the university, and your score on an essay related to your interest in biomedical engineering.

The application form will be completed online. A link to the application will appear on this page when the application is ready. More information on the essay will be available at that time.

Application Window Admissions Decision % of Total Class Admitted During This Window
January 1-May 1 by June 15 (after spring semester grades are available) 80%
June 1-30 by August 30 (after summer session grades are available) 5%
September 1-December 1 by December 30 (after fall semester grades are available) 15%