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Applying to the NC State Undergraduate Program in Biomedical Engineering

Undergraduate freshmen entering this curriculum should enroll in the College of Engineering First Year Program. After successfully completing the engineering requirements the student can apply to Change of Degree Audit (CODA). There are three opportunities to apply to CODA each year, the deadline for each CODA cycle and other information on how to CODA can be found on the College of Engineering CODA web page

If you plan to CODA into BME you will also need to complete and submit an online essay by the CODA deadline. The essay submission form can be found at: CODA Essay Form. The BME faculty consider evidence of developing leadership abilities, an informed appreciation of the field of biomedical engineering, and thoughtful consideration about how a student’s career goals are consistent with undergraduate preparation in biomedical engineering to be as important as strong academic performance. Applicants are encouraged to give thoughtful attention to their essay question submission. The BME Undergraduate Admissions Committee will consider and evaluate all CODA applications.

Students should consult carefully with their current academic advisors about their plans for Fall 2013. In view of the competitive nature of acceptance to the BME program, having an alternative plan in mind would be appropriate. Only students who have been accepted into the B. S. in Biomedical Engineering degree program will be allowed to take BME classes.


Submit the online matriculation form.