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The undergraduate degree offered by our department is a B.S. in Biomedical and Health Sciences Engineering, which is granted jointly by UNC-Chapel Hill and NC State University. Students in this program get a broad background in engineering, including topics in mechanical, electrical, materials science, and computer engineering before specializing. They learn how to apply these techniques and tools to address problems in biology and medicine.


The curriculum, as for all sciences and engineering, is vertically structured, with experience and knowledge from each course serving as a foundation for subsequent courses. Students’ attention to prerequisites is important. Students are also encouraged to engage in laboratory research or have an internship experience in industry.

All required courses are offered on both campuses in alternating semesters. See chart legend to determine the semester and campus for course offerings. All graduation requirements can be met on the student’s home campus. However, students who miss a critical course due to study abroad, co-op or life circumstances, can make-up the course by traveling to the partner campus the following semester. Traveling to the partner campus also provides additional opportunities for general education courses and elective courses.

For NC State-based students

For UNC-based students

For NC State-based students

For UNC-based students

STEM Electives (Advised Engineering electives). Please click here to download the latest class list.

  • Please note that this list does not include BME Gateway Electives or Specialization Electives, but any of those courses will meet the STEM (advised engineering elective) requirement.
  • It must be an extra course and cannot double count for the gateway/specialty electives requirements (i.e. 4th gateway elective or 5th specialty elective)

Please contact Julia Rao, Lesley Hubbard or Rocky Rothrock for additional questions.


  • Faculty advisors can help you with class choices, curriculum planning and advice on career decisions including industry careers, graduate programs, and medical programs. You will be assigned a faculty advisor soon after admission to the program. Check to find the name of your advisor.
  • First year students are advised by the College of Engineering. Contact
  • Career advisors can help you with advice on career decisions, graduate programs, and medical programs. You will be assigned to a BME faculty member as your career advisor soon after admission to the program.
  • Curriculum advisors can help you with choosing classes at both UNC and NC State, and other issues related to the BMHE curriculum. The curriculum advisors are a select group of faculty and staff who are most familiar with our curriculum.
For Pre-health Professions

Curriculum Advisors UNC:



First Year Students

Students A-M

Rocky Rothrock
Students N-P Dr. Kenny Donnelly
Students Q-S Dr. Naji Husseini
Students T-Z Dr. Devin Hubbard