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The following resources can help you plan courses:

Course Schedules: UNC | NC State
Approved course transfers: for UNC-based students | NC State-based students


Follow these steps to enroll in courses:

Get approval from your advisor. Your advisor will need your ID number on both campuses and your e-mail in order to complete the approval form.

  • Wait for department approval (sent by e-mail)
  • Use or to find your enrollment appointment and enroll yourself in courses after your enrollment window opens. If you aren’t able to self-enroll, submit a help request for courses based at UNC, or a help request for courses based at NC State.
  • AFTER you are enrolled in classes, submit the form below so your credits will transfer to your home institution. The form must be completed by the last day to add a class without permission of the instructor on your home campus. If not, you will be dropped from your classes on the partner campus.