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A minimum of 52 semester hours of graduate work is required (beyond the Bachelor’s degree).

A course of study meeting all department requirements is outlined below.

  1. BME Seminar (BME 802 / BMME 890) – each semester (except the semester prior to graduation)
  2. Biology/Medicine: A two semester sequence covering core aspects of relevant biology and physiology is required (new sequence to be announced Fall 2014)
  3. Engineering: 6 hours (refer to Approved Course List B1-3 Engineering)
  4. Graduate-level mathematics: 3 hours. (refer to Approved List )
  5. Graduate-level statistics: 3 hours
  6. Electives: 9 hours or more (refer to Recommended List; course selections need approval of advisor)
  7. Dissertation research: minimum of 6 hours

PhD students are expected to complete four “core” courses, two in Biology/ Medicine and two in Engineering (from approved list) in their first two years with a grade better than a “B” at NC State or “L” at UNC. PhD candidates who do not meet the minimum grade requirements in the first two years of study will be demoted to the MS degree program.

Students previously completing equivalent coursework in graduate math and statistics may be exempted from this requirement by permission of the DGP. MD-PhD students are exempt from the Bio/Med requirement.