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The COE Doctoral Scholar of the Year Award is an honor given annually by NC State to recognize the outstanding achievements of a doctoral student in the College of Engineering.

This award recognizes the exceptional contributions that a doctoral student has made to their field of study, their research accomplishments, their leadership potential and their potential for future success. Nominees for the award must demonstrate significant research accomplishments, including publications in peer-reviewed journals and presentations at national and international conferences.

This year, the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering is excited to announce that Ph.D. candidate Junlang Li is the recipient of the college’s award. Li’s doctoral research in Dr. Ke Cheng’s lab, which focuses on mechanism discovery and translation development of stem cell therapies for myocardial infarction. Li’s research specifically centers

In addition to his recognition as Scholar of the Year, Li will receive a monetary prize of $1,000. We congratulate Junlang Li on his recognition and look forward to all that he accomplishes in his scientific and academic career.

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