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We are pleased to announce the 2021-2022 cohort of Abrams Scholars: this year 45 excellent BME undergraduates were selected from a very strong applicant pool to receive a mentored research fellowship funded by the NC State College of Engineering Research Experience for Undergraduates program.

The BME Abrams Scholars Program provides outstanding BME undergraduate students at both UNC and NC State with the opportunity to conduct hands-on, mentored research projects throughout the academic year (September through April). The Scholars are highly motivated students who are generally very productive in the lab, often presenting their work at local, regional, and even national conferences (such as BMES and IEEE meetings) and co-authoring journal articles.

Below is the list of the 2021-2022 Abrams Scholars, alongside their faculty mentors and project titles. Congratulations to all the BME undergraduate students awarded!

Scholar                                     PI                                                                               Project

Keith Abbey Dr. Alon Greenbaum (BME) Enhancing drug delivery to the inner ear using exosomes
Nicole Baugh Dr. Michael Sano (BME) Development of Optimal Protocols for In Vivo Genetic Engineering Using
CRISPR / CAS9 and Pulsed Electric Fields
Andre Bautista (Spring 2022) Dr. Matt Fisher (BME) Meniscal morphological and compositional changes following anterior
cruciate ligament injury
Kathryn Benedict Dr. Jacque Cole (BME) Development of a bone-on-chip platform to examine effects of post-
stroke inflammation on bone-vascular interactions
Vineet Bhardwaj Dr. Sam Lai (Pharmacy, UNC) Immunotherapy for cancer
April Brown Yevgeny Brudno (BME) Refillable Drug Delivery Devices
Michael Clark Dr. Derek Kamper (BME) Serious Computer Games for Rehabilitation
Caitlyn Davis Dr. Yong Zhu (MAE, NC State) Wearable strain sensors for heart rate monitoring
Joshua DeGennaro Ashley Brown (BME) Dual-loaded nanogels for treatment of thrombotic conditions
Amber Detwiler Dr. Donald O. Freytes (BME) & Dr. Jorge Piedrahita (Comparative Medicine Institute, NC State) Seeding LGR5 organoids in the follicle pore structure of a skin hydrogel
to measure cell movement and dermal papilla, dermal fibroblast
Madeline Dudley Dr. Helen Huang & Dr. Ming Liu (BME) Upper-Limb Prosthesis Functional Performance Between Differing
Control Schemes
Jordan Feldman Dr. Jason Franz (BME) The development of joint moment signatures underlying the selection
of limb force and walking speed
Elena Fernandez Dr. Xiaogang Hu (BME) Design of a wearable electrical stimulus generator
Christian Fitzgerald Dr. Imran Rizvi (BME) Photochemical Modulation of Hydrogel Mechanical Properties
Manuella Harb Dr. Ashley Brown (BME) Synthetic Platelets for Wound Healing
Andrew Hoang Dr. Virginie Papadopoulou (BME) Synthetic Doppler audio recordings for automatic venous gas emboli detection
Mason Hon Dr. Ashley Brown (BME) Wound responsive nanogels for hemostasis and wound healing
Aasim Hussain Dr. Matt Fisher (BME) Development of a gelatin-ECM hybrid solution for improved bioactivity
within a direct-written fiber system
Alexa Jimenez Escribano Dr. Donald O. Freytes (BME) Bioreactor for Dynamic Vocal Fold Tissue Engineering
Kamellia Karimpour Dr. Virginie Papadopoulou (BME) Improving antibiotic killing of MRSA biofilms with ultrasound-stimulated
phase-change contrast agents
Robert Kobrin Dr. David Zaharoff (BME) Development of an Injectable Hydrogel for Localized Immunotherapy Delivery
Manasi Krishnakumar Dr. Ashley Brown (BME) Characterization of fibrin-binding nanogels
Rohan Krishnan Dr. Xiaogang Hu (BME) Design of a wearable electrical stimulus generator
Aaron Lee Dr. Sam Lai (Pharmacy, UNC) Antibody engineering for treating acute respiratory infections
Andrew Marshall Dr. David Lalush (BME) Development of Deep Learning System for Analysis of Quantitative MRI
of the Knee
Ellora McTaggart Dr. Jason Franz (BME) Locomotor reaction time as a neuromechanical determinant of
maneuverability and stability control during human walking
Deeqa Musa Dr. Jacque Cole (BME) Analyzing the effect of heterogeneity on trabecular bone tissue
microdamage in finite element models of varying resolution
Bevin Neill Dr. Yevgeny Brudno (BME) Mathematical Modeling of Drug Delivery Systems
Abina Nimalashanthan Dr. Alon Greenbaum (BME) Characterization of a vaping chamber to study the detrimental effects of electronic cigarettes
Kirti Rambabu Nimmala Dr. Brian Diekman (BME) Age-related DNA damage as a driver of cellular senescence during osteoarthritis
Avanti Panajkar Dr. Wubin Bai (Applied Physical Sciences, UNC) Development of an Implantable Soft Cardiac Temperature Sensor  Soft Biosensors for Medical Diagnoses
Jennifer Potts Dr. Jacque Cole  (BME) Effect of Brachial Plexus Birth Injury on Limb Use and Muscle Strength
Nita Prabhu Dr. Xiaogang Hu (BME) Evaluation of habituation in artificial sensory stimulation
Nidhi Rane Dr. Chang S. Nam (ISE, NC State) Brain-to-Brain Interfacing: Transmission of Neural Information through
Non-Invasive Neurostimulation
Lauren Reynolds Dr. David Zaharoff (BME) Development of Dissolvable Microneedle Patch-based Vaccines
Vincent Roche Dr. Jacque Cole (BME) Optimizing nonlinear finite element analyses of vertebral trabecular bone
Gauri Sathish Dr. Chang S. Nam (ISE, NC State) Brain-Controlled Robotic  Wheelchair Development for and with
Wheelchair-Bound Patients
Jake Schulman Dr. David Zaharoff (BME) Development of a Vaccine to Prevent Fentanyl Overdose
Abby Sweitzer Dr. Ola Harrysson (ISE, NC State) Medical Applications of Additive Manufacturing
Jed Tan Dr. David Lalush (BME) Development of Deep Learning System for Analysis of Quantitative MRI
of the Knee
Leslie Uy Dr. Michael Daniele (BME) Microneedle Testing for Point-of-Care Diagnostic
Abhinav Vaduri Dr. Helen Huang & Dr. Ming Liu (BME) Expedite the Impedance Tuning of a Robotic Knee Prosthesis
Rohan Vora Dr. Wubin Bai (Applied Physical Sciences, UNC) Development and Analysis of Spectroscopic Wearable Oximeter Device
Leilani Walker (Fall 2021) Dr. Ming Liu (BME) Monitor the development of pressure ulcers using sweat biomarkers
Hailey Wrona Dr. Michael Lewek (Allied Health Sciences, UNC) Residual effects of metronome cues on a self-paced treadmill in people
with Parkinson’s disease
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