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Given that the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME) is part of two campuses, UNC Chapel Hill and NC State, there are two days to support BME: today March 23 at NC State’s Day of Giving, and GiveUNC next Tuesday, March 29th

On both days and campuses, Beth and Al Banes from Flexcell International Corp. are providing a challenge gift to the BME department. As BME Faculty Emeritus, founder and president of Flexcell, Dr Al Banes is honored to continue to be an integral part of the Joint BME Department by supporting its researchers, faculty and students. “I’m proud to have been one of the first BME faculty to run a successful start-up, and also enjoyed promoting entrepreneurship among the students in my Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials courses. We are excited to make a challenge gift to BME and ask that you join us in embracing this effort”, says Dr Banes.

To join Beth and Al Banes during NC State’s Day of Giving on March 23rd and GiveUNC on March 29th (links above), you can make your gift of $10 or more, there’s no gift too big or too small, on the respective giving days and share your reasons for giving through social media to encourage others, via Twitter @UNCNCSUBME or Instagram @unc_ncsu_bme. If you’d like to learn more about Al Banes’ journey as the founder and president of Flexcell International Inc., alongside his research and teaching at BME, please check out his interview here.



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