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BME Affiliated Faculty Amay Bandodkar, who is Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at NC State, recently received the Young Investigator Award by Biosensors Journal. Dr Bandodkar works at the interface of electronics, materials science, and biology to create next-generation wearable sensors with biomedical applications such as disease monitoring. He is part of NC State’s ASSIST Center, whose mission is to create self-powered, wearable health monitoring technologies.

Dr Bandodkar received his PhD in 2016 and has an outstanding publication record, comprising 57 publications in peer-reviewed international journals and 6 international patents. His Hirsch index is 41. He is clearly a rising star in the field of biosensors. Congratulations to Dr. Amay J. Bandodkar for this recognition! To read the official announcement, visit the Journal of Biosensors website here.


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