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BME Affiliated Faculty and Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at NC State Amay Bandodkar has been named one of America’s 50 Greatest Disruptors. Newsweek magazine recognized Bandodkar for his work on wearable battery-free sensors and skin-friendly wearable batteries. 

Typically 90 percent of the size of a wearable device is taken up by the power source, usually a battery. Dr Bandodkar got the idea to save space by using the wearer’s own sweat as the battery’s electrolyte—the solution that supplies the electrical current. “By carefully selecting the battery electrode materials and using a person’s own sweat as the electrolyte I was able to develop a thin, flexible, battery cell which has energy capacity similar to that of a coin cell but without the latter’s use of toxic chemicals and rigid, metallic housing,” he said.

The magazine also lists Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, among other visionaries and innovators who are changing the world through technology in ways that will profoundly impact our lives—mostly or wholly for the better. Read more on the Newsweek’s inaugural list of Greatest Disruptors here. To read NC State News release of Dr Bandodkar’s recognition, go here. Many Congratulations to Dr Bandodkar!

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