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BME Dr. Freytes’ REdesign lab reports a new study led by postdoctoral researcher Camilo Mora-Navarro, PhD, titled “Transcriptome-Targeted Analysis of Human Peripheral Blood-Derived Macrophages When Cultured on Biomaterial Meshes.” Published in the journal Biomedical Materials earlier this year, the article describes the targeted transcriptomic response of human peripheral blood-derived macrophages when seeded on commonly used surgical meshes, particularly of a novel poly-4-hydroxybutyrate (P4HB) mesh. 

Results of this study provided valuable information regarding the potential immune response when these meshes are used clinically. A better understanding of how absorbable biomaterials interact with the host response is critical in order to improve patient outcomes and develop improved solutions for wound healing and soft tissue support. This study was generously funded by TEPHA, Inc. and is an excellent example of collaborative work between academia and industry. You can access the full article here.

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