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BME Associate Professor Ashley Brown won the Therapeutics People’s Choice Award for her pitch last week at Equalize 2021, the only pitch competition for women in academia, hosted by Washington University in St. Louis. Dr. Brown gave a pitch about a technology her startup company (Selsym Biotech, Inc) is developing: a new synthetic platelet technology to stop bleeding and promote healing after injury.
Selsym Biotech, Inc. is an early-stage biotechnology company, started in cooperation with the Office of Technology Commercialization and New Ventures at NC State, with the goal of developing novel hemostatic materials for treating bleeding. Dr Brown’s long-term research goals are to understand mechanisms involved in coagulation and develop novel therapies that augment the body’s native clotting and subsequent healing processes.
Many Congratulations to Dr. Brown on this well deserved award! Equalize is a virtual mentor program and pitch competition designed to take national action around the disparity of women academic inventors forming university startups. To see the award announcement, please visit Equalize’s website here.
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