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BME recent alum Caroline Greiner led an effort to brighten up the stairwell going down to the design labs in Phillips Hall on UNC-Chapel Hill Campus. Her idea was a big one, and she got support from UNC Administration and Arts Everywhere to fund a mural that was commissioned to a local artist Max Dowdle. This arts and science collaboration resulted in a colorful mural titled THINK!: Dowdle created a bright and eye-catching geometric repeating pattern interlaced with biomedical engineering, physics & astronomy, and math iconography. 

Greiner explained “I am drawn to murals and public art so I thought a mural would be a great way to bring color and life to the space. I also wanted the mural to be a creative representation of the often technical concepts of math, physics, and BME to remind students that creativity and engineering go hand-in-hand.” She also had the full support of her advisor, BME teaching associate professor Devin Hubbard, who says that the mural was an “incredible demonstration of the awesome power of collaboration—the mural represents the passions, work, and education of BME, Math, Physics and Astronomy, and Art” and is a reflection of “the community that occupies the building.” The Joint BME Department applauds Greiner’s initiative, Dowdle’s mural and Arts Everywhere for their support to make the BME community a little bit brighter and more cheerful! To read the full story, visit Arts Everywhere website here. Also, you can watch the process of painting the basement stairwell of Phillips Hall here

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