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BME Assistant Professor Rahima Benhabbour recently received a Young Investigator Award by the Controlled Release Society (CRS), where she was invited to give a talk to the Transdermal and Mucosal Delivery (TMD) Focus Group. The CRS is a not-for-profit organization devoted to the science and technology of controlled delivery worldwide. Dr. Benhabbour’s lab has been developing and commercializing innovative drug delivery devices, in particular an ultra-long-acting In-Situ Forming Implant drug delivery system for the prevention of HIV and unplanned pregnancy. 

In fact, a recent article in NBC news on the future of injectable HIV-prevention drugs shares the link to Benhabbour’s publication Biodegradable polymeric solid implants for ultra-long-acting delivery of single or multiple antiretroviral drugs, and reports on “the early development at the University of North Carolina of a removable and biodegradable implant that delivered antiretroviral drugs in mice for up to 180 days.” Our sincere congratulations to Dr Benhabbour and her team! To read the NBC news article, go here. For more information on the Controlled Release Society and the TMD Focus Group, check the CRS website here


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