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Founded back in 2010 by former BME Chair Dr. Nancy Allbritton, Cell Microsystems recently received two NIH Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) awards: $318 K for developing a novel hybridoma screening application and $1,813 K for establishing high-efficiency organoid workflows. Totaling $2.1 M, the two awards enable the company to be an integral part of advancing cancer and drug screening research forward. 

BME Associate Professor Dr. Scott Magness and co-collaborator on the Organoid grant said, “We are so pleased that the NIH has recognized our continued research on organoid development, differentiation, and characterization, which was made possible through a collaborative relationship with Cell Microsystems.”

Cell Microsystems is an early growth stage company focused on developing, manufacturing, and marketing innovative products for single cell biology research.The Company’s lead products, the CellRaft® AIR™ System and CytoSort™ Arrays, enable complex workflows to be performed on a single consumable and uniquely suited to applications clonal propagation of single cells. To read the full article, please visit EIN Presswire’s website here.

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