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UNC Pharmacoengineering PhD Student Jordan Baer Joiner wins second place at the 2020 PharmAlliance Symposium for her talk “Low-intensity focused ultrasound produces immune response in pancreatic tumors,” which stems from her research at BME Dayton Lab.

Back in January 2019, Jordan joined the Dayton Lab, where she is advised by BME Interim Chair and Professor Paul Dayton to combine therapeutic ultrasound with immunotherapy to treat pancreatic cancer. She also works in the lab of BME Assistant Professor Rahima Benhabbour to formulate injectable in-situ forming implants that sustain drug release and can be non-invasively imaged with ultrasound.

This year’s competition was close, resulting in 2- and 3-way ties for first and second place, respectively. Winners will be given the opportunity to virtually present their research and expand their professional network at one of the PharmAlliance partner institutions.  More information regarding the 2020 PharmAlliance Symposium is found here.

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