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The College of Engineering and the National Academy of Engineers’ Oversight Committee have named four BME undergraduates as 2020 Grand Challenge Scholars: Michael Clark, Emily Pierce, Matt Traenkle and Leslie Uy. These Grand Challenge Scholars will be participating at the Grand Challenges Scholars Symposium next Saturday, August 15.

The NAE Grand Challenge Scholars Program (GCSP) at NC State is a premier association of students who network with high-achieving, highly motivated engineering students across the nation so they can work together to face the Grand Challenges of Engineering in the 21st century. The program aims to turn Grand Challenge Scholars into global leaders in discovery, learning, and innovation. The framework for engaging GC Scholars in problem-solving for the Grand Challenges is based on five competencies: talent, multidisciplinary, entrepreneurship, multicultural, and social consciousness. To read more about the Grand Challenge program, visit their website here. Congratulations to our BME NAE Grand Challenge Scholars!

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