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Dr. Jason Franz, BME Associate Professor, has been elected by the membership as Program Chair for 2022 annual meeting of the American Society of Biomechanics. The American Society of Biomechanics (ASB) was founded in 1977 to encourage and foster the exchange of information and ideas among biomechanists working in various disciplines of application, including biological sciences, exercise and sports science, health sciences, ergonomics and human factors, and engineering and applied science. ASB has a membership of approximately 850 academic researchers, clinicians, scientists, students, and industry members working to solve basic and applied problems in the realm of biomechanics and to improve understanding of the workings of biological systems.

The 2022 annual meeting of ASB will also serve as the society’s 5th North American Congress of Biomechanics (NACOB) – a collaborative meeting held jointly with the Canadian Society of Biomechanics. As Program Chair for the meeting and with vote of confidence by the membership, Dr. Franz will work with his Co-Chair from the Canadian Society of Biomechanics in leading their respective committees to oversee the planning, organization, and dissemination of all scientific content for the meeting.

In his election documents, Dr. Franz had the following to say about his plans for the 2022 meeting: “I will work to ensure that our scientific program reflects the broad contemporary interests of all our members. I will work closely with our student representative and their committee to continue building on our diverse and equitable suite of professional development opportunities and awards to recognize the achievements of our students and trainees. Indeed, some of my most memorable experiences at ASB meetings have come from conversations had while participating in the student roundtable events. It is also critical that those opportunities meet the needs and diverse career aspirations of today’s graduate students and trainees. I will work with the members of our executive board and committees to showcase highly successful events from past meetings, including the Women in Science Event, the Diversity Breakfast, and tutorials on state-of-the-art techniques and contemporary issues in biomechanics. In these times, it is also especially important that we are proactive in our programming and creative in our use of technological innovation to ensure the continued success and broader impact of our annual meeting. And of course, I will enjoy working closely with my Co-Chair from the Canadian Society of Biomechanics in order to preserve and highlight the unique characters of both our societies.”

BME congratulates Dr. Franz for this prestigious recognition from members of the scientific community.


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