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BME Teaching Assistant Professor Devin Hubbard, who is also Lead Design Engineer of the FastTraCS team at NC Translational and Clinical Sciences Institute, is the host of a new podcast GuideWire, focusing on the behind-the-scenes of medical device innovation. A team of medical device design engineers from UNC dive into the nuances, challenges and considerations that go into finding and solving high-impact unmet medical needs at the large university hospital.

Since launching in late February, the podcast has uploaded three episodes of about 20-25 minutes each. The first episode focused on Big Picture Innovation in Vascular Interventional Radiology; the second was about Evolving Problem Discoveries Techniques in FastTraCS; the third and last so far shared Embarrassing Stories from Clinical Immersion. Congratulations to Dr. Hubbard on this initiative! To listen to the podcasts, go to GuideWire Podcast site here.

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