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Dr. Zhen Gu, former professor in the UNC/NSCU Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering, led animal studies, a precursor to human trials, for a new device to automatically manage glucose levels and deliver needed insulin quickly. UNC School of Medicine’s John Buse, MD, PhD, was a co-author of the study. Dr. Gu and his collaborators are advancing a smart insulin-delivery patch that could one day monitor and manage glucose levels in people with diabetes and deliver the necessary insulin dosage. The adhesive patch, about the size of a quarter, is simple to manufacture and intended for once-a-day use. The recent study, published in Nature Biomedical Engineering, describes research conducted on mice and pigs. The initial successful tests of the smart insulin patch in mice were conducted at UNC and NC State. For more details see the story in the School of Medicine’s Vital Signs.

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