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This October 2019, leading industry publication The Analytical Scientist announced its annual Power List. Two BME Distinguished Professors have been included in this top 100 analytical scientists’ list: Frances Ligler, BME Lampe Distinguished Professor, and Nancy Allbritton, Kenan Distinguished Professor, who is soon stepping down as Chair of the Joint BME Department to join the University of Washington, Seattle, as Dean of the College of Engineering.

The Power List celebrates the tremendous range of talent, ingenuity and leadership present across all corners of analytical science, by highlighting the pioneering work of 100 leaders in the field. Professor Ligler was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2017 for her pioneering work in biosensors and microfluidics. Moreover, since her induction, Professor Ligler has been involved in educational and outreach activities through Camp Invention, a nationally acclaimed summer program giving ~200,000 kids nationwide the opportunity to become innovators in STEM. Professor and Chair Nancy Allbritton leads a multidisciplinary team of chemists, physicist, engineers and materials scientists to develop new assays and technologies for single-cell biochemical analysis, cell sorting and cloning, and recapitulating organ-level function. A nominator in support of Allbritton’s inclusion in the top scientists’ list commented: “A key driver of single-cell analysis using CE-based methods – she has pioneered the interface between analytical chemistry and bioengineering.”

To identify the top scientists in the field, the publication held open nominations before the candidates were cut down to the final 100 by an expert judging panel of eight well-respected scientists. Each judge independently ranked the candidates and their combined scores were used to generate the final list. Congratulations to both Professors Allbritton and Ligler for their inclusion on this top 100 Power List!

The full Power List is available online here.

BME Lampe Distinguished Professor Frances Ligler
Kenan Distinguished Professor and Chair Nancy Allbritton
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