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This year, six promising projects will receive support from the Chancellor’s Innovation Fund (CIF), helping researchers turn their discoveries into market-ready solutions. One such projects is “a promising new tool in the fight against cancer,” which BME Assistant Professor Mike Sano has developed as an alternative to chemotherapy and radiation treatment for inoperable tumors.

Dr. Sano’s therapy uses electrical pulses and mild heating to selectively target and kill cancer cells — leaving underlying blood vessels and nerves undamaged. The therapy is also fast, with the potential to treat most tumors in under seven minutes. CIF support will be used to conduct a large-animal preclinical safety and reproducibility study needed for FDA approval.

NC State established the CIF in 2010 to help researchers bridge the gap between publicly funded research and the point at which discoveries are developed enough to secure private funding. To date, the CIF has granted nearly $3 million to 45 projects. To read the full article, visit NCSU Office of Research and Innovation site here.

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