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Dr. Andrea Giovannucci, who recently joined the UNC/NC State Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering, is building a Neural Engineering Laboratory (NEL Lab) in Chapel Hill campus. The lab is both computational and experimental, with strong emphasis on optical brain imaging and machine learning applied to data analysis. Through the study of how different learning and sensing mechanisms interact within the brain, the lab’s final goal is to develop neural prostheses that replace learning and motor functions in the nervous system. Dr. Giovannucci currently welcomes post-doctoral researchers and graduate students, who will have the opportunity to tightly interact with experts in computing, optics and neuroscience. For more details, visit NEL lab web site. Interested applicants and colleagues can also attend Dr. Giovannucci’s upcoming seminar on January 24 at 12.30 pm in 1131 Bioinformartics.

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