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BME’s own Assistant Professor Rahima Benhabbour’s research was once again highlighted in the local media, this time via two separate articles from the UNC Health Care website last month–a press release and a second, longer article–as well as on EurekAlert. Dr. Benhabbour and her co-PI’s worked to develop a long-acting injectable HIV treatment which has shown promise when used with animal models. The injectable treatment is composed of an anti-HIV drug, a polymer, and a solvent which harden into an implant upon injection and slowly release HIV-treatment drugs into the body over time. It has shown to be effective for as long as five months, and is also easily and safely removed in case of complication, which gives it an edge over similar, nonremovable treatments.

Congratulations to Dr. Benhabbour and her collaborators on receiving a second NIH grant to continue this research for the next five years!

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