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The BME Abrams Scholars Program provides outstanding BME undergraduate students at both UNC and NC State with the opportunity to conduct hands-on, mentored research projects throughout the academic year (September through April). The program is competitive, and each year about 30-35 rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors are selected and paid a stipend to perform research under the guidance of a faculty member. The Scholars are highly motivated students who are generally very productive in the lab, often presenting their work at local, regional, and even national conferences (such as BMES and IEEE meetings) and co-authoring journal articles. The Abrams Scholars Program experiences are a strong foundation for pursuing advanced degrees (graduate school, medical school, etc.) or applying for competitive jobs after graduation.

The Abrams Scholars Program is named after C. Frank Abrams, Jr., a BME and BAE emeritus faculty member. Dr. Abrams led the development of the first courses in Biomedical Engineering at NC State and was instrumental in the founding of NC State’s BME Department and ultimately the creation of the Joint BME Department at UNC-Chapel Hill and NC State. He was the Joint Department’s first senior design instructor and the first Director of Graduate Studies. He also held many leadership positions at NC State, including in the Faculty Senate and Provost’s Office.

Below is the 2020-2021 cohort of Abrams Scholars. We selected 38 excellent BME undergraduates from a very strong applicant pool to receive a mentored research fellowship funded by the NC State College of Engineering Research Experience for Undergraduates program.

Congratulations to the 2020-2021 Abrams Scholars!

Kathryn Benedict Sophomore NC State Jacque Cole (BME) Developing biomimetic mineralized bone scaffolds
Allison Boyer Sophomore UNC Koji Sode (BME) Development of continuous D-serine sensor for mental health monitoring
April Brown Junior NC State Yevgeny Brudno (BME) Refillable Drug Delivery Devices
Anne Hope Cooper Junior UNC Bill Polacheck (BME) Unsupervised classification of engineered microvascular networks
Caroline Dau Junior NC State Danny Freytes (BME) Development of a novel delivery system for solubilized extracellular matrix biomaterials
Noah Dover Junior UNC Rahima Benhabbour (BME) Investigation of the Impact of Stem Cells on the Rheological Properties of Nanocellulose/ Chitosan-Based Bioinks
Mary Erb Senior NC State Ashley Brown (BME) Mechanisms of clot formation following treatment of traumatic injury with synthetic platelet-like particles
Jordan Feldman Sophomore UNC Jason Franz (BME) A novel self-paced treadmill controller to establish cause-effect relations between reduced push-off intensity and slowed walking speed
Callum Funk Junior UNC Jason Franz (BME) A ultrasound-based framework to inform the tailored prescription of assistive devices to enhance ankle push-off
Noor Hakam Junior NC State Nitin Sharma (BME) Modeling combined voluntary and artificially-induced muscle contractions for a fluidic human-robot interaction during 3-D reaching movements
Luciana Herrero Senior UNC Michael Lewek (UNC Allied Health Sciences) Quantifying limb propulsion through accelerometry
Aasim Hussain Junior NC State Matt Fisher (BME) Mechanical and bioactive effect of coating Melt electrowritten poly(ε-caprolactone) fibers with gelatin
Carina Iboaya Junior NC State Matt Fisher (BME) Interpenetrating hydrogel networks as a method for mimicking the mechanical behavior of human meniscus
Kamellia Karimpour Sophomore UNC Virginie Papadopoulou (BME) Time-series analysis of venous gas emboli after human dives: individual susceptibility, acclimatization and ultrasonic quantification
Maddison Khire Sophomore UNC Andrea Giovannucci (BME) A comparison of deep learning approaches for calcium imaging neural segmentation
Jeehyun Kim Senior UNC Xiaogang Hu (BME) Design of a portable multi-channel electrical stimulator
Manasi Krishnakumar Sophomore NC State Ashley Brown (BME) Drug-loaded nanogels for treatment of myocardial infarction and cardiac fibrosis
Rohan Krishnan Sophomore UNC Brian Diekman (BME) Genome editing and tissue engineering to investigate the genetic basis of osteoarthritis risk
Tahia Monjuli Junior NC State Nitin Sharma (BME) Spatially Distributed Electrical Stimulation of Muscles
Bevin Neill Junior NC State Yevgeny Brudno (BME) Mathematical Modeling of Drug Delivery Systems
Napoleon Nguyen Junior UNC Koji Sode (BME) Development of faradaic impedimetric immuno-sensor for POCT type mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) biomarker detection
Ana Laura Pantaleão dos Santos Senior NC State David Lalush (BME) Analytics of Combined PET-MR Imaging of Renal Cell Carcinomas
Emily Pierce Sophomore NC State Michael Daniele (BME) 3D Printing and Patterning of Vascularized Tissues and Vasculogenic Biomaterials
Jennifer Potts Junior NC State Jacque Cole (BME) Effect of Brachial Plexus Birth Injury on Bone Osteoclast and Osteoblast Activity
Nita Prabhu Sophomore UNC Wesley Legant (BME) Microfabricated substrates to measure physiologically realistic cell migration forces
Bhairavy Puviindran Junior NC State Danny Freytes (BME) Bioreactors for vocal fold decellularization
Vincent Roche Junior NC State Jacque Cole (BME) Effects of tissue heterogeneity on vertebral bone mechanical properties
Mohini Sauhta Sophomore UNC Helen Huang (BME) Identifying agonistic and antagonistic relationship of muscles using the synergy hypothesis
Jake Schulman Junior NC State David Zaharoff (BME) Development of Vaccines against Fentanyl and Other Drugs of Abuse
Sahil Sethi Sophomore UNC Helen Huang (BME) Fault-tolerant control – reactive balance adjustment in perturbed Human – Robot system
Dylan Silkstone Sophomore NC State Ke Cheng (BME) Biodistribution of exosomes in the murine lung
Elizabeth Stanley Junior UNC Imran Rizvi (BME) Photochemical Targeting of Chemoresistance in Ovarian Cancer: The Role of Mechanical Stress
Matias Tenorio Junior NC State Rohan Shirwaiker (NC State ISE) Computational Modeling of Particle Drug Delivery in a 3D Canine Bronchopneumonia Model
Matthew Traenkle Senior NC State Ke Cheng (BME) 3D cell culture lung stem cells regenerative medicine
Christopher Vogel Junior NC State Alon Greenbaum (BME) Investigating the effects of E-cigarette smoke on mice lungs through 3D-imaging and novel exposure generation system
Emily Warren Junior UNC Bill Polacheck (BME) Quantitative morphometrics of cell derived matrix
Annie Kate Watson Sophomore NC State Jacque Cole (BME) Designing a bone-on-chip platform to mimic the ischemic stroke bone microenvironment
Jason Xie Junior UNC Xiaogang Hu (BME) Continous and real-time control of a virtual robotic hand
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