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In addition to completing University level honors programs at UNC Honors Carolina and NC State University Honors Program, students also have the opportunity to complete department honors on each campus.

UNC Honors Carolina 

Seniors complete an Honors Thesis, an independent research project on a BME related topic. Seniors who successfully complete the project graduate with honors or highest honors.  

  • Seniors must have a 3.30 or higher GPA and must maintain that GPA through graduation.  Students with a reasonable expectation of raising their GPA to 3.30 or higher before the 2nd semester of their senior year may begin the program on probation, but may not continue the 2nd semester if they do not meet the minimum GPA requirement.
  • Students complete BMME 691H and BMME 692H in their final year.   More information on the application to enroll in BMME 691H and BMME 692H can be found in the Academic Credit for Research subsection of the Curriculum & Advising menu of this website.
  • In their final semester, students orally present and defend their thesis before a committee consisting of their research advisor and two additional faculty members.  The committee returns this form to to report if the student did not pass, passed with honors, or passed with highest honors.  
  • Deadlines and relevant instructions for submitting the final thesis as well as the application for a research award can be found here

NC State Honors Program

Students with a GPA greater than 3.75 who have completed 3 BME courses and a minimum of 9 credit hours in BME are invited to join the Biomedical Engineering Honors Program.

To graduate with the distinction of Biomedical Engineering Honors, the student must have an overall GPA of 3.25 and make a grade of B or better in each of the following:  

  • Faculty or student initiated honors requirements approved by the University Honors Program completed for 2 of the required courses from the list below. Here are links to the forms for a student initiated honors contract  or for a faculty initiated honors contract
    • BME 301
    • BME 302
    • BME 311
    • BME 451
    • BME 452
  • One 500 level course substituted for the required 400 level course as listed below
    • BME 525 instead of BME 425
    • BME 544 instead of BME 444
    • TE 566 or another approved graduate biomaterials course instead of (TE 466 or E 304 or BME 315 or BME 335)
  • A 400 or 500 level math or basic science course

Additionally, students must attend 2 seminars each semester from the BME seminar series or other approved seminars for 4 semesters.  A form must be submitted for each seminar attended.


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