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 Are you ready to change the future of health?

 What if the most creative minds channeled their focus into solving the most impactful problems of today? Imagine if we could apply the ingenuity that powers the most profound technology into the most fundamental of all human concerns: health. MedHacks is the start. Join us for our medical hackathon at the world’s pinnacle of medical care, Johns Hopkins University, on September 7-9.

At MedHacks 2018, we’re selecting the top innovative technologists, scientists, healthcare professionals, and engineers to build amazing things together. Hackers across all disciplines will unite to meet with experts in every part of the medical field here at Johns Hopkins to develop their solutions to healthcare problems across the globe. They will be able to network with industry leaders and compete for thousands of dollars in prizes from sponsors such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, the Johns Hopkins Armstrong Institute, and more. This year, we are introducing our new mascot: Melvin the MedHacks Moose! To find out more about his story, and our Snow Day theme, visit our Facebook page: Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to hack health and meet people from all around the world!

Excited to disrupt healthcare? Check out our website at and apply today! We also provide a limited number of travel reimbursements. Check out our Facebook page for  a chance to win automatic acceptance, and a travel reimbursement!

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