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BME is proud to have had two firsts at this year’s World Biosensors Congress: based on selection of 12 keynote talks out of over 1000 submitted abstracts, BME graduate students Kristina Rivera and Kohei Ito were both selected as keynote speakers for the entire conference. For graduate students to be selected to give such talks is extremely unusual and never have two from the same department been selected. This great honor speaks to both the quality of work and the dedication of our students to innovative research excellence.

Kristina’s keynote presentation was entitled “Integrated photonic sensors for quantifying oxygen levels in a microphysiological model of gut-blood barrier” and was very well received by attendees. Kristina is mentored by Dr. Michael Daniele and Dr. Scott Magness.

Kohei (center) is mentored by Dr. Koji Sode (right) and his presentation, “Designer fungus FAD glucose dehydrogenase capable of direct electron transfer,” was runner-up for the Best Paper Award for the entire Congress.

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