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Each year, the National Inventors Hall of Fame holds scientific summer camps for students K-6 who are enthusiastic about innovation. Camp Invention gives students a chance to get up close and personal with real scientific concepts and provides hands-on experience with various inventions. This year, Drs. Fran and George Ligler visited Swift Creek Elementary in Raleigh, NC to assist with the camp’s Optibot activity—inspired by Fran’s work with portable optical biosensors. The Optibot is a small robot with an optical biosensor that is made to follow a route produced by the students with a black marker. The Drs. Ligler are also visiting a camp for kids from underserved portions of the community in Hyattsville, Maryland, as well as a further camp in the Raleigh area in July.  The NIHF runs over 1,000 camps each summer, reaching over 150,000 kids across the country, 45,000 of which are underserved.

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