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When it comes to next-generation biomedical advancements, Dr. Zhen Gu undoubtedly leads the pack. Academia and popular media alike have hailed his innovative research products as “breakthroughs” that just might change the face of drug delivery forever. Now, the trend continues on WRAL and UNC Healthcare News. WRAL has featured Dr. Gu’s use of microneedle patches to fight diabetes in a more natural, body-responsive way than what is currently available. For diabetes, this means that the microneedles are laden with insulin that is released when the body sends chemical signals–no user intervention required. Meanwhile, UNC News and WRAL TechWire have published articles on Gu’s collaboration with BME’s Dr. Gianpietro Dotti, which resulted in a newly-developed injectable gel that allows for chemo- and immunotherapies to be delivered straight to a tumor site. By combining the two therapeutic agents into one gel, tumors receive a one-two punch of localized treatment. This method also increases the efficacy of the body’s natural immune response.

Congratulations to Dr. Gu, Dr. Dotti, and the Gu lab for their outstanding work!

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