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NC State Chancellor Randy Woodson has announced the 2016-2017 class of University Faculty Scholars, and two Biomedical Engineering faculty, Drs. Zhen Gu and Ke Cheng, have been named to this prestigious group of academics. The University Faculty Scholar program is comprised of top early- and mid-career faculty who work to solve society’s most pressing problems. Zhen and Ke were nominated by the College of Engineering and were selected by a committee of senior faculty, who evaluated their research and scholarship productivity, excellence in teaching and mentoring, and leadership initiatives. They will keep their title for a five-year period and will receive an annual monetary award to support their research.

For two of our faculty members to receive such an award in one year is an honor, and speaks volumes about the level of dedication and integrity of these fantastic faculty. Thank you for all your hard work, Ke and Zhen, and a million congratulations!

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