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wearaconBME faculty Greg Sawicki and PhD candidate Rich Nuckols recently attended the 1st annual WearACon meeting held by the Wearable Robotics Association in Phoenix, Arizona, where they were able to illustrate the achievements of BME’s Human PoWeR Lab. Dr. Sawicki, Associate Director of the lab, presented a keynote talk in the general session entitled “Biologically inspired design of lower-limb exoskeletons” while wearing a prototype passive elastic ankle exoskeleton. Many WearACon attendees were able to try out the spring-loaded ankles on their own later in the conference!

Rich Nuckols received the Best Poster award for his work titled, “Evaluation of exoskeleton assistance on the mechanics and metabolic cost of human gait.” As a result, Rich will be able to attend next year’s WearACon cost-free. BME would like to congratulate both for these great achievements.

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