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On Super Bowl Sunday this year, millions of Americans tuned in to watch both the game and the infamous commercials–but few expected for one of those ads to tout the importance of women in STEM fields. In the Chevron commercial called “Doin’ Good with STEM,” three NC State women and their contributions to engineering are put on display. Michaela Rikard, a BME senior, is featured alongside her research that allows veterans with amputations to “do things they never thought they could do.” Her goal in pursuing biomedical engineering is to develop new medical therapies that are personalized, affordable, and readily available worldwide. Also featured in the ad are Sidney Rogers, NCSU engineering sophomore, and Dr. Laura Bottomly, the Director of Women in Engineering and K-12 Outreach in the College of Engineering at NCSU. Sidney is currently exploring how brain stimulation could lead to cures for diseases, like Alzheimer’s. “The fact is, girls do remarkable things with STEM,” the commercial states. Chevron’s goal for the ad? “Doers together inspiring future doers to use STEM for the good of us all.” We certainly agree that Michaela, Sidney, and Dr. Laura are doing remarkable things and are proud of all they have accomplished. Way to go, ladies!

You can watch the commercial here.

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