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Mahsa Mohiti-Asli was awarded first place in the post-doctoral fellow poster competition at NCTERMS 2014 for her poster titled “Large-Scale Production of Ibuprofen Loaded Nanofibers for Treatment of Chronic Wounds.” Dr. Mohiti-Asli has her PhD from NC State and is currently a postdoctoral researcher at NC State, focusing on regenerative medicine. Rachel Nordberg took second place in the graduate student poster competition for her poster titled “Evaluation of Micro and Nano-scale Scaffold Architectures For Osteochondral Tissue Engineering.” Ms. Nordberg is currently a graduate student at NC State. Their NCTERMS awards included plaques and monetary prizes. A record 260 attendees made this year’s conference especially competitive. Congratulations to Dr. Mohiti-Asli and Ms. Nordberg!

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