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Zhen Gu, faculty in the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering, received a Pathway to Stop Diabetes Research Award from the American Diabetes Association for his research project titled “Bio-inspired SyntheticGu Zhen Pathway for Closed-Loop Delivery of Insulin and Glucagon.” Dr. Gu is hypothesizing that artificial synthetic insulin vesicles will be able to regulate the release of insulin at high blood glucose levels and inhibit its release with normal glucose range. This $1.625 million award supports five years of research relevant to any diabetes type, diabetes-related disease state, or diabetes complication. In addition to financial support, this award provides mentorship, symposia and speaking engagements, and collaborative opportunities. Last year Dr. Gu received a prestigious Junior Faculty Award from the ADA to fund his research in creating a next-generation glucose-responsive insulin delivery system to manage glucose levels. BME congratulates Dr. Gu for his continued achievements! For more information please see the official press release from the ADA’s website, as well as a complete list of recipients.

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