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VoluMetric_Old_WellThe Collegiate Inventors Competition has selected the finalist for its 2014 Competition, and VoluMetric is one of seven undergraduate teams chosen from across the United States!

VoluMetric is an undergraduate design team from the UNC Biomedical Engineering program. Chase Dubois, Jorge Martinez-Blat, John Pamplin and Chris Roberts are the members of the team; their advisor is Dr. Devin Hubbard. As finalists, they will travel to Alexandria, VA to compete against other undergraduate inventors from across the country. The competition will be held this year from November 16-18.

VoluMetric’s design is a simple enough idea, but it entails a sophisticated implementation. They have attached a highly precise sensor to a syringe such that nurses and other medical professionals have a high degree of precision when measuring drug doses for patients. The sensor is able to measure fluid to a precision of less than one percent of weight. For treatments such as chemotherapy, this level of precision is highly desirable. To quote the team: “it’s the right dose, every time.”

BME congratulates VoluMetric on their innovative design and success in reaching this national platform. Please join us in wishing Chase, Jorge, John, and Chris best of luck in the competition next week!

If you’d like to read about the other six finalists from universities such as Harvard and Johns Hopkins, take a look at the Collegiate Inventors webpage.


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