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Jacqueline Cole, an Assistant Professor in BME, has been featured in Auburn Engineering Magazine’s ongoing column, “It’s My Job.” The “It’s My Job” column features interviews with successful alumni from Auburn’sCole Samuel Ginn College of Engineering. Dr. Cole is the director of the Ortho

paedic Mechanobiology Lab at NC State; her research seeks to improve current strategies for preventing and treating bone loss from aging, disease, and injury. One of her current research projects involves measuring changes in bone following a stroke as well as determining the effect of exercise type, frequency, and duration on stroke recovery.

The article discusses Dr. Cole’s research and, in keeping with the series, what her job entails entails. It also narrates her path from a first grader with a mechanical pencil and calculator watch to an Assistant Professor in the Joint Department of BME.

To read the entire article, please see Auburn Engineering Magazine’s Website.


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