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BME congratulates Dr. Nancy Allbritton, who has been awarded two new R01 grants from the National Institutes of Health.

The first grant, titled “Single-Cell Measurement of Lipid Signaling in Colorectal Cancer,” comes from the National Cancer Institute and is funded for $3M over five years. A collaboration with Shawn Gomez, Qisheng Zhang, and Jen Jen Yeh, this research project seeks to develop a technology that will provide a new approach for clinical assays relevant to the growing field of personalized medicine. It began on August 15th of this year.

The second award, titled “Generation of a Gene-Targeted Human iPS Cell Library for Macular Degeneration,” is another five-year research project funded at just over $3M, which began on September 1st.  In this grant, Dr. Allbritton will collaborate with Sai Chavala, Christopher Sims, and Mike Ramsey to develop large numbers of specific gene-targeted pluripotent cell lines that will have widespread application in eye research, including understanding basic cell biology as well as pharmaceutical screens.

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