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BME core faculty member, Dr. Greg Sawicki, has been awarded a National Institutes of Health R21 Grant. The funded research project is titled “Robotic Ankle to Restore Symmetry and Reduce Energy Cost of Walking Post-Stroke.” Dr. Sawicki will serve as the Principal Investigator for this project. His primary collaborators will be Dr. Michael Lewek, Assistant Professor of Exercise & Sports Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; and Dr. Bahjat Qaqish, Associate Professor of Biostatistics also at UNC-Chapel Hill. This National Institute of Child Health & Human Development funded project started September 5th 2014; will run for two years; and be funded at over $400,000. This project will test the hypothesis that ankle joint mechanical assistance will restore gait symmetry across multiple scales of musculoskeletal organization – from limbs to lower-limb joints- and reduce the metabolic cost of walking in people post-stroke. The long-term goal is to develop portable robotic ankle exoskeletons that restore normal walking mechanics and reduce metabolic cost for people with severe gait impairments.

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