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Drs. Liliana Mellor and Mahsa Mohiti-Asli, two Postdoctoral Fellows working in Dr. Elizabeth Loboa’s Cell Mehcanics Laboratory (CML), will give talks during the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs’ Postdoctoral Appreciation Week. On Tuesday, September 16th (beginning at 11:45am) Drs. Mellor and Mohiti-Asli will present their research at NC State’s Nature Research Center. Dr. Mellor’s talk is entitled “To Infinity and Beyond: Physiological Limits of Space Exploration,” and Dr. Mohiti-Asli’s talk is titled “Smart Bandages.”

NC State has over 350 postdoctoral fellows, and Liliana and Mahsa were selected as two of six total postdocs to present during the events that celebrate National Postdoctoral Appreciation Week. Please join us in congratulating Liliana, Mahsa, and the CML on this recognition of their outstanding work, and make sure to head to the Nature Research Center next week to hear about two different branches of research being carried out in the CML.

To see the other talks and events during National Postdoctoral Appreciation Week, take a look at the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs’ Website.

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