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Please join us in congratulating Dr. Marian McCord on her recent appointment as Associate Dean for Research in the College of Natural Resources! Dr. McCord not only holds a joint appointment in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and the Department of Textile Engineering, Chemistry, and Science in the College of Textiles, but also she is the Director of the Global Health Initiative in the Office of International Affairs. Over the past twenty years, she has built an impressive portfolio that unites disciplines to improve human health and wellness through novel textiles that prevent and treat disease.


College of Textiles' Marian McCord and mosquito netting.
College of Textiles’ Marian McCord and mosquito netting.

Dr. McCord was selected as Associate Dean due to her creativity, her energy, and her genuine appreciation of the power of collaboration. These qualities, coupled with an outstanding record of coordinating and leading interdisciplinary teams of scientists, will help her increase both the impact and number of research collaborations stemming from the College of Natural Resources. Her commitment to team science and to public health will serve her well within NC State’s College of Natural Resources.


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