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Three companies featured in the TEDMED 2013 Hive have developed products engineered for emergency responders, reports Stacy Lu of the TEDMED Blog. Overall, 50 start-ups were featured in the 2013 Hive, but Lu features three companies focusing specifically on first responders. These companies represent a growing trend in healthcare innovation to transform emergency medical care, and one of the three start-ups is Novocor Medical Systems, co-founded by core faculty member Dr. Andrew DiMeo. Novocor originated in Dr. DiMeo’s senior design course, which immerses senior undergraduates into the healthcare field in order for them to find real-world problems to solve. Novocor’s innovative device, HypoCore, translates therapeutic hypothermia (which is typically induced by a catheter based cooling system in hospitals) into a portable and rechargeable device for EMTs to use in the field. Lu’s article highlights that HypoCore is not only great on paper—it was also designed with FDA regulations in mind and has secured nearly $1M in Series A financing. Novocor plans to file with the FDA in approximately a year and a half. Congratulations to Novocor for their continued presence in the press!

To read Stacy Lu’s full article, “Innovations to aid first responders, and not a second too soon,” head over to the TEDMED Blog.



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