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Congratulations to Dr. Ozturk on her recent award from the National Science Foundation! In coordination with Alina Duca of the NCSU Math Department and Dianne Raubenheimer of Meredith College, Dr. Ozturk’s project aims to directly improve and enhance student learning of mathematics in an engineering context. The project will develop a software interface that creates a customized learning path for students through integrating both assistance with and assessment of e-learning into a tailored program. With the development of this novel and intuitive software, the goal of the project is to improve undergraduate students’ mathematical abilities in the context of several engineering courses. The project will also intersperse Just-in-Time Assessment and Review (JITAR) modules into engineering course content. Dr. Ozturk’s project, “Bridging Mathematics Contents to Engineering Contexts: Just-in-Time Assessment and Review Modules,” will run for 2 years. The NSF’s Transforming Undergraduate Education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (TUES) program seeks to improve the quality of STEM education for all undergraduate students, particularly through projects (like Dr. Ozturk’s) that will effectively transform the dissemination of student education. Congratulations to Dr. Ozturk! If you would like to read more about the National Science Foundation’s TUES program, please visit the following link:

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