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Dr. Helen Huang, newly hired core faculty in the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering, had her work on prosthetic control with neural signals featured prominently in both NC State University’s on-line “The Abstract” and an article of the September 24, 2013 Triangle Business Journal. The NC State feature by Matt Shipman focuses on Dr. Huang’s, and her University of Houston collaborators’; specific efforts to develop a brain-machine interface with lower limb replacement technology. The article titled “Researchers Seek to Control Prosthetic Legs with Neural Signals” can be read in full at: The Triangle Business Journal article by Jason deBruyn elaborates on the Huang/Houston project, in particular describing how the urgent and rapidly growing need for neural control of assistance devices is translating into significant support for their research efforts from sponsors such as the National Science Foundation. The article titled “NCSU researchers earn grant to develop brain-connected prosthetics” can be read in full at:

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